What To Do With All Your Honey

I love keeping bees. The humming from hives always gets me in a good mood, and I could watch for hours the coming and going of the worker bees on sunny summer days. Knowing that the bees are good for both my garden and the rest of the growing community in my area adds to the good feeling.

Handling the hives, looking for the queen and checking for brood is also a fun, rewarding and relaxing hobby and I enjoy every little bit of it. There’s nothing like putting on the veil and a pair of gloves and taking a peek under the lid of the hive.

Naturally, I get a lot of honey from my keen bees. Actually, I get so much honey that I don’t know what to do with it all. But during this past year, I found that it is almost easier than before to find customers who will take the honey off your hands!

Going Digital

No, not with the actual beekeeping, of course. But for finding customers. Our shopping habits have changed during this past year and now we are doing more and more of our shopping online. This means that it is easier for you to find potential customers who will actually want to buy what you offer.

Get yourself a digital marketing tool including data studio tool, and you will be able to put together personalized criteria for the customer base you want to reach with your ads. With a few clicks you will then be able to target just that audience, and lo and behold, they will most likely be eager to buy fresh and locally produced honey.