Welcome to Joan’s Personal Landscaping and Gardening Blog

Hello and welcome to this little green corner in the world wide web. The owner of this blog is Joan, and she writes about landscaping and gardening.

Joan lives in a tiny town with her husband. It is just the two of them in their cottage, their two children have ‘flown the coop’ and now have their own families to take care of. The house sits on a big plot of land, and Joan spends her days pottering around the garden. There is always something to do in a garden, especially one that is as big as Joan’s. She doesn’t only spend her days gardening – she keeps chickens too!

Her husband isn’t much of a gardener, he much prefers to spend his time tinkering with broken electronics. He has helped many of their neighbours fix their appliances. He does it just as a hobby, and the neighbours love him for that!

But back to Joan’s garden. It is quite large. One could call it a plot. Joan has split it up into different ‘zones’. She has one area that is a vegetable garden. Now there is nothing better than making a delicious spaghetti bolognese with fresh ripe tomatoes right from the garden! Or a crisp fresh salad rich with crispy lettuce, grown by one’s own hand. Joan loves growing her own veggies and could talk about it for hours once she gets started!

Joan also has a succulent zone, she calls it her ‘oasis’. She has a huge variety of succulents and cacti. These plants need very little water – in fact, many of them grow in the desert! Not everyone sees the appeal with these, but she loves how hardy and determined these plants are.

Joan also has a rose garden – what garden would be complete without one? Many people think having a rose garden is a lot of hard work, and that it is difficult to keep them alive. It isn’t really, but Joan has written a guide on how to start your own green corner. Have a look!

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