Prepare your garden for winter

Winter is coming up and it is time to do the yearly preparations for the upcoming season. To prepare the garden for winter it is important to get rid of all dead vegetation from summer and autumn, clean up borders and gutters, and get the garden in pristine condition before the frost arrives. If you have a greenhouse you should clean it out, organise everything and ventilate it properly after disinfecting it. Remember to clean pots and seed trays so that everything is nicely prepared and arranged. You will feel so accomplished when it is done!

Both thatch and moss need to be removed from the lawn and composted. If there is a lot of moss growing in your lawn consider using a moss killer to avoid the moss taking over and killing the grass in larger areas of your lawn. Speaking of compost the bins also need to be cleared out. Use it around the garden and then you have the compost bins ready for spring.

The tender and sensitive plants around the garden need to be lifted out of the ground, cut back and cleaned off soil before being stored in trays over the winter in a frost free place, because otherwise they might die. If you have a commercial garden you can use a marketing automation system platform to send out tips and offers to your customers and fans. It is also a great way to make sure that they remember you coming spring.