Page: Landscape Gardening with Chickens

Gardening with chickens comes with so many wonderful benefits – they give fertilizer, eggs for breakfast, and help with pest control and soil building.

There is no one specific way to keep chickens, but one of the most fun ways is to design the landscaping for the chickens right from the very beginning.

Here is a brief guide to getting started.

Education is Key

The first – and most important – step is to find out if it is legal to keep chickens in your backyard. Some areas allow it, but in some places don’t. Check with your town’s planning department.

Once that is out the way, try to find some people in your area who are doing the same thing. While you can do research online and in your library, speaking to poultry experts will be much more beneficial to you.

And while you’re speaking with locals, get in touch with your direct neighbours. It is always the right thing to do be respectful of their rights to a quiet environment. Address their concerns – and maybe offer some fresh eggs!

Plan the Landscape

You will need to consider the following:

  • The size and layout of your garden (or the spot in your garden you will be using);
  • The number of chickens that your space can handle;
  • The daily maintenance routine that will be required for both the flock and piece of land.

The most basic needs of chickens are access to fresh water, food, enough space to roam, sunlight, air, and soil for dust baths.

The Enclosure

There are so many ways to set this up, it is hard to list them all. This gardener’s preferred option is to set up the coops, then behind the chicken coops have the run.

For the ground, use stone or paving and bricks. These options are easier to sweep.The chickens will eat any weeds that pop up in the gaps – which is very helpful!

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