Make Gardening a Family Activity

I love gardening, and I love my family. For quite some time, I have tried to combine the two. But as all of you who have children know, it’s not the easiest of tasks. Gardening is commonly seen as a chore, and no fun at all. And when you have to nag to get the family out into the garden, it takes a lot of the fun away for you as well. 

After quite a lot of different approaches, I finally managed to get at least a little bit of family happiness in the garden. Here are a few things that worked for me and us. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be Gardening

It’s easy to forget that when you yourself is into it. But really, all you want is company when you are outside, right? So set up other things to do in the garden. Get some outdoor games, make a part of land into a creative studio where your family can create things in wood or make paintings. 

A lounge area may not inspire activity, but at least it can help drag your family outdoors. And it is perfect for you when you want to take a break as well. 

Make Gardening Beginner Friendly

By naming your plants, you’ll take away one hurdle for any garden beginner. It is always more interesting to talk about things that you know the name of. Make your own stickers and place them on little signs next to your plants. Now you can take short walks and look at plants while you kids (or spouse) get some help to remember the plants.