How to Start a Rose Garden (Part 3)

This guide is now heading into the final steps of starting a rose garden. It has been quite a journey! Let’s recap what has been shared so far.

The site selection comes first. Choose a nice sunny spot for your roses to get advantage of maximum light exposure. Before any planting takes place, you need to test the soil and then add any chemicals (lime or sulphur) you may need in the event they are lacking. Then the actual digging starts, to mix in the peat moss or compost. When the soil is ready, you can start selecting your roses. It is suggested to start with hardy rose bushes. You can choose between bare root or potted roses. Once you have planted the roses, it is very important to ensure they are watered correctly and your bushes are protected.

The last two steps are as important.

Mulch it Up!

It was discussed earlier on that keeping the ground moist is very important. A good way to do so is to top it with a layer of mulch. Not sure what makes good mulch? Roses respond well to shredded leaves or evergreen needles. Traditional wood is another possible option if organic mulch isn’t available. Be careful not cover the stems, though.


Avoid pruning for the first 1 to 2 years of a rose bush’s life. You want the roses to have ample opportunity to grow leaves and the stem before you start pruning. If there are broken branches, ones that are rubbing against the house, or extra-long ones, those can be cut.

So there you have it. Joan’s guide to starting a rose garden (even if you have no idea what you are doing)! As you can see, it is not all that complicated. As the more time you spend with your roses, you will see they will tell you what they want and need.

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