Garden Planning: the Most Rewarding Winter Activity

Being a garden enthusiast is never as frustrating as during the coldest and darkest winter months. But, there is a light in the tunnel: now is the perfect time to plan your garden and organize your tools. When not actually doing much gardening, there is the time needed to plan an absolutely amazing garden. 

By organizing your tools, and even your seeds, you will minimize the time spent looking for the thing you need. Keeping order will also be much nimbler once you know where all tools should go. 

Things to Keep in Mind

It is almost impossible to give tips for planning your garden, as we all want different things from our gardens. Not to mention that our gardens all vary in size, climate and soil quality. 

But one thing we know: adjust your garden to the climate and soil at hand! If not, you’ll fight an endless war against unbeatable enemies instead of working with them towards a common goal. 

Organizing Tools

By going through your tools and deciding the right place for each of them, you will not only create a much nicer-looking storage, but it will also be easier to find what you need when you need it. Not to mention that you can throw out things that are worn out or broken. 

Create your own stickers and labels to make sure you remember where to put each item.

And while you’re at it, go through your seeds and bulbs as well, to know what you need to add for your perfect garden.