Design a Garden to Attract Butterflies

If you love butterflies, why not design your garden in a way that it attracts butterflies to your safe haven? The first step is to determine what butterflies you have in the area. Different butterflies are attracted to different types of nectars, so knowing your butterflies is fundamental. When you then plan your garden, you can plant in groups to make it easier for the butterflies to find the plants and flowers that they are attracted to. You can print stickers online to aid you in the planning process. Why not create stickers with butterflies?

With a nicely structured garden it is easy for you to watch the butterflies as they beautifully move from flower to flower, enjoying the nectar that you so consciously have provided for them. Think about the size of the plants, when they bloom and what color they have, in order to get the best results for both you and the butterflies.

You might also want to consider where you are going to be sitting outside, viewing the dance of the butterflies. Do you have a window or a patio where you will be sitting and enjoying the view? And butterflies love lots of sunlight, which also goes for the plants that the butterflies are attracted to. Make sure to plant your butterfly garden in a place that receives at least six hours of sunshine each day. The flowers that produce nectar in your butterfly garden should be placed in a location where they receive sunlight from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.