This is what the balcony looks like right now:

Not a lot going on, but I spent less than $20 and under 2 hours. Not too bad for the amount of time and money I put into it. I was a bit creative with pots–I’ve got a canvas bag with seeded flowers, some left over terracotta pots from another project and a couple of baskets from the thrift store. I used the terracotta pots for herbs, and I love how they turned out. I saw this post over at the Timber Press blog about dressing up terracotta pots. I tend to not be so craftly– the quiker and more fool-proof the better. So I skipped the whole painting of the pots, and just used to chalk to label them. Still cute, but it took basically no time.

I planted up a couple of begonia and a dusty miller in a thrift store basket. I love the grey and purple foliage combination, I tend to use it a lot in my garden designs as well. This should also do well in the shady patio. I’ve given up the notion of planting any vegetables besides some seeded lettuce–I simply don’t think I have enough sunlight ot get a good crop. The lettuce might not do anything because of heat, but I’d thought I’d try. So for now it’s a few herbs and a few flowers–easily and cheaply done. I might get around to more, but if not at least I have enough to call it a garden.

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