This is in response to this post at Garden Faerie. So Liz’ s Garden Blog doesn’t seem to need a lot of explaining. Pretty non-exciting and straightforward. But I suppose there is a bit of a story behind it.

First of all, I finished a BS Horticulture degree and then proceeded to have a baby just four months after. I’m very glad the degree was done, especially when you look at the fact that it only took me three years out of high school to get it. When I had my baby, I also quit working at the Extension office (where I had a very long internship), and as a research assistant. That was fine, both jobs weren’t necessarily going anywhere. If I had been focusing solely on my career, the next logical step would have been grad school. I was more interested in developing my husband’s career and focusing on my family instead. Grad school would have to wait. (And a few years out I’m very grateful it has. I’m getting a better view of what I actually want to do in a career. Right out of college I had no idea.)

Being just at home was not exactly my cup of tea. I decided to start up a business/website which I am still working on developing completely. (The family and husband’s career make progress a little slow.) The blog came with that. I’m glad I’ve always had the blog to write (with a myriad of moves and a strange mix of opportunities), because it’s kept my head in horticulture. I’ve seen many hort graduates not really use what they learn at school. Writing and reading other blogs has been a great way to always have something I can do, even if I happen to move clear across the country (which I am doing in less than three weeks).

The original domain name I registered for was Ginkgo Grass. I happened to like ginkgo trees and grasses, and it sounded fun. It was really a filler name for a while, but lasted too long. Really, most people can’t spell ginkgo correctly and ginkgo grass has no bearing on who I am or what I do. It was dropped in favor of Garden With Liz. That name is pretty straightforward, and I think does give a better view of what I am trying to do, both by writing this blog and by the other consultations and designs I do. The specifics of how I came up with it: a brainstorm session, a piece of notebook paper and quick google search. I’ve become quite attached to the simpleness of it, and the fact that is also adapts to whatever I end up doing (life is changing a lot lately). The blog name, Liz’s Garden Blog, was a way to differentiate the blog from anything else. It isn’t actually used a lot. So that’s it. And hopefully the simpleness of everything works long term.

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One Response to My Name

  1. Hi, I’ve just been reading all the stories from the Story Behind the Name list. Sounds like you have a very busy life, it’s great you have time to blog and do other things you enjoy. It’s fun to read everyone’s stories!