Backyard Beekeeping

Keeping bees and harvesting their honey can be done right in your backyard. Beekeeping helps prevent bees from extinction and as such is a well-respected past-time!

First, you will need to consider some things about the particular area you wish to do beekeeping in. Certain countries/areas have laws around beekeeping – even if it is in your backwards, you will have to respect them. You also need to be sensitive about family members’ or neighbors’ allergies. These concerns, once worked through, will put your mind at ease allowing you to get on with the beekeeping. Local beekeepers usually know all the resources and know where to get any information on their favorite subject.

As far as equipment goes, how much you wish to own is up to you – but there is some basic fundamentals needed for beekeeping. You will need to either buy or make a hive stand as well as the hives themselves. Tools to protect yourself and to pacify the bees when inspecting their hives as well as collecting honey are very important: gloves and a net mask and hat are the standards. There is also full body covering kits available. Perhaps most importantly is the steamer or smoker. This will need to be a beekeeping specific steamer so contact shops to ensure you get the correct one.

Keep in mind that beekeeping, unlike many other pastimes, requires and involves a steep learning curve and ongoing learning and furthering of your knowledge. There are many sources to get these as you get more into beekeeping such as meetings and joining associations, and also mainstream means of information gathering such as books and online essays and articles. In the beginning, this may just involve speaking with local beekeepers and getting more information as well as making contacts that can assist you in your journey to backyard beekeeping.

Lastly, you will need to decide which bee species you will keep. There several different honeybee species – depending mainly on region and climate, so go for one that thrives near you!

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