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Hello and welcome to this green little corner in the World Wide Web. This is a personal blog about gardening. You will find interesting articles that will be suitable for the gardening beginner, all the way to the gardening enthusiast.

On here, you will find suggestions about beekeeping in your backyard. It is possible – and can be safe if done right. Beekeeping is a fun pastime and has the added benefit of helping prevent bees from extinction. Do you love bees enough to set up some hives for them in your garden? Roses are a great flower to have to bring more bees to your garden. For many people, growing roses is very intimidating, but it isn’t all that hard once you have proper information. Apart from information, patience is an important element when growing roses.

Actually, patience is an important part of any type of gardening. And if you lack it, turning to this activity will definitely teach you how to be it. Plus, there is something about spending time in a garden surrounded by plants grown by your own hand that is very calming.

A relaxing garden certainly would be complete with singing, chirping birds. You will learn on this blog how to set up your garden in such a way that it attracts birds to it. They just require water, the proper food, and shelter.

Want to have chickens but not sure how to incorporate them into your landscaping? This blog will help you with that too!

Have a look around, and enjoy!

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